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The basic aim of our research team is to combine theoretical, numerical and experimental approaches to address coupled processes occurring in porous media. We are particularly interested in their environmental applications with a focus on groundwater contaminant fate and transport and soil remediation.

                                          BRGM- French geological survey
                       Water, Environment, Processes, and Analyzes Division (DEPA)

Job positions 

Internship, PhD thesis, PostDoc, ...


PostDoc fellowship position in combining geochemistry, geophysics or hydrogeology (closed)  

Impact of ground water table variations induced by climatic changes on petroleum hydrocarbons remobilization (LNAPL) (details)


PostDoc fellowship position in geophysics or/and hydrogeology (closed)

Experimental study and modelling of the coupled multiphase fluid flow and geo-electrical resistivity in porous media: application to soil pollution monitoring (details)


Master internship in fluid mechanics or petroleum reservoir engineering (closed) 

Experimental study of the polluted soil remediation using surfactant foam injection in heterogeneous aquifers  (details)                         


PostDoc fellowship position in coupled heat and mass transport in porous media under microwave heating (closed)

Modeling and experimental study of multiphase heat and mass transport in porous media for soil remediation using microwave heating (details)


Invited researcher fellowship position in multiphase flow in porous media (closed)

Modelling multiphase flow of immiscible fluids in highly permeable porous media for soil remediation (details)


 Ph.D. position in geophysics/geochemistry 2024-2027 (open)

Experimental study of the impact of groundwater level fluctuations on the mobilization of petroleum hydrocarbons (details)