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Hossein Davarzani 

BRGM researcher

Stéfan Colombano

BRGM researcher

Ioannis Ignatiadis

BRGM researcher

Jacques Deparis 

BRGM researcher

PhD Students 

Ali Iravani

PhD Student (Graduated Jan. 2020)

Romain Aranda 

PhD Student (Graduated July 2020)

Sagyn Omirbekov

PhD Student (Graduated July 2020)

Nicolas Philippe

PhD Student (4th year)

Maxime Cochennec

PhD Student (4th year)

Sofia Visitation

PhD Student (3rd year)

Amir Alamooti

PhD Student (1st year)

Postdoc fellows

Experimental study and modelling of the coupled multiphase fluid flow and geo-electrical resistivity in porous media: application to soil pollution monitoring

Foam and polymer flow in porous media

Impact of groundwater table variations induced by
climatic changes on petroleum hydrocarbons remobilization 

Coupled approaches to the modeling of reactive transport and isotopic fractionation of organic pollutants